Last night I took my daughter to see NF. I watched as she stood singing every song word for word. I noticed the wonder in her eyes as she took in the lights, the music, and the performance. She has been to concerts before but this one was special. This was the first concert she asked to go see.

I wondered how deeply she felt what he was saying. How much can she, a 14 year old, relate to the soul searching lyrics of this artist?

I guess we have a few conversations in our future. I think she is more like me than either of us would like to admit.

Here is a poem inspired by NF’s music.  I also attached my favorite NF song.


I keep coming back to the same place
Getting myself trapped in the same quests
Finding old feelings weren’t addressed
Went unexpressed, made me stressed

It’s okay though
I’m still here though
Still depressed though
Still a mess though
I’ll confess though
I still feel blessed yo

I keep coming back laying it all down, breakdown
Just to pick it up again on this my playground
Trying to digest the damn meaning, meltdown
Behind the disorder of my distress, shakedown

Have I progressed?
Or am I just obsessed
With being oppressed?
I must confess though
It’s entertaining though
To ride my story… whoa

Now sit down while I work out this flow
And watch me undress my final free throw
My best defects on display, gameshow
I promise to go slow for this…. my final episode


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5 thoughts on “MY FINAL EPISODE

  1. I don’t know NF. I do know depression is not cured, but getting better is real and moving forward has no necessary end. And what better motivation than mothering (also a life long project). Yes, there will be conversations.

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  2. I’ve not heard of NF before. When I read the title of this poem, I was like “We’re only five days into National Blog Posting Month and Nanopoblano, surely this is not her final episode!” I can see how the concert must have been very intense and exhilarating time for your daughter. My breath is taken away when musical artists can cram in so much emotion into a song to an electric, electric spine tingling beat. By addressing your feelings in poetry and songs, not only do you help yourself to understand those feelings better but you connect so well with others feeling the same or similar things. That is the gift of your writing and why we are so drawn to it. We might be struggling sometimes to identify our progress in life but we are certainly not alone in our struggles and we can all try to help each other make sense of it all, of that I am certain.

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