Sometimes it’s hard see a situation clearly when you are in the middle of living it. I’ve lived enough years to know heartache isn’t something we can escape. We all go through it and sometimes it threatens to rip our world apart. Sometimes it sends us spiraling emotionally out of control.

We will grasp for anyone to listen and hope fervently that someone will say something to slap us out of our downward descent into utter despair.  Finding our way out of grief and heartache is a process that takes time, hope, faith and lots of support from friends.

If we can’t avoid heartache it is my hope that once on the other side of grief we find gratefulness. There is beauty found in our ability to love deeply enough to experience the pain of a broken heart.


When I was young I cracked my crystal ball
Broke a few mirrors, and set fire to my fortunes told
Or I would have known to avoid you.

Since then I have tossed a few pennies down the stairwell
Scared I would never be scared enough
To avoid finding someone like you.

Cascading thoughts taking me on a ride to nowhere
Taking risks making mistakes making me beautifully strong
But not strong enough to avoid you.

Crying tears of anguish only I can feel
Sitting alone again hurting and wishing
I had avoided the likes of you

Then looking back I hear echoes of laughter
I see hands clasped tight, eyes locked secure
Now that you’re gone your warmth seems like just a myth
I sit here finding myself missing you and glad
I didn’t avoid someone as beautiful as you


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