I used to think you were heartless
A wise crack, desperate artist, but no

I see now…
The tangles are everything
I see your hopes never quite flew
Broken dreams that never quite grew

I used to feel only darkness
A sad sack, all but tarnished, but no

I see now…
My heartache was everything
My own thoughts a perilous stew
My hurts never solved, always new

And life’s sadness…
It covered our bodies in its bruises
In every shade of melancholy blue
It blanketed our sorrows with excuses
And whispered lies that will never be true

I used to think we were hopeless
Just hacks, lonely targets, but no

I see now…
All the tangles make my heart sing
All the hopes just needed us two
All the dreams feel so brand new

And life’s happiness…
It covered our hearts past abuses
In every shade a rainbow produces
It flooded our soul with beautiful music
And left us with the gift of truthfulness


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