I am seeing a pattern emerge
As I sit here reading and writing my words
Like a constellation in the sky
My emotions move, they change
Sometimes slowly like an evolving season
Sometimes spinning at hurricane speeds
In the very beginning, before the patterns
The words seem scattered and distant
Like a ping pong ball in my head
They are hard to catch, to reign in
Like horses that got loose from their pen
I sit staring at my screen, my fingers poised
Waiting for my brain to make a connection
So many emotions to sort out
Lurking eagerly just under the surface
Screaming like children for their chance to be heard
In this moment I am the master
I alone get to pick my emotional destiny
My poised fingers begin to type
Ready to release passion from its irrational prison
Ahhh…. yes finally, the thoughts begin to stream
Rationality begins to surface when words are finally found.
And through all this, time and time again
I am seeing a pattern emerge
As I sit here reading and writing my words.


A.R. at
Bill at
Cyn at
David at
Dean at
Echo at
Erica at
Jessie at
Jesska at
Julie at
Matt at
Namy at
Nessa at
Owen at
Paula at
Ra at
Revis at
Robert at
Shree at
Symanntha at
Sahara at
Renee at
Kay at
Kim at
Lillian at
Liz at
Lori at
Julia at
Gwenlynn at
Breanna at
Carolyn at
Barbara at
Hope at
Nutty at
Rebecca at
Quixie at

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