It’s just kinda weird

This habit you have

Of actually listening

When I begin to speak

It’s just kinda weird

The way you walk

Not 5 steps in front

But here, next to me

It’s just kinda weird

When we socialize

I’m introduced kindly

Not as some sort of freak

It’s just kinda weird

How when you smile

I can genuinely tell

It’s my notice it seeks

It’s just kinda weird

But please don’t stop

Because your weird

Is beautifully unique


A.R. at
Bill at
Cyn at
David at
Dean at
Echo at
Erica at
Jessie at
Jesska at
Julie at
Matt at
Namy at
Nessa at
Owen at
Paula at
Ra at
Revis at
Robert at
Shree at
Symanntha at
Sahara at
Renee at
Kay at
Kim at
Lillian at
Liz at
Lori at
Julia at
Gwenlynn at
Breanna at
Carolyn at
Barbara at
Hope at
Nutty at
Rebecca at
Quixie at

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