I believe it is only with some distance we begin to see our true motivations. Get too close to anything and it tends to become blurry. Meditation for me is more about finding not only balance but the right distance.

We forget sometimes to take the time to appreciate our breath. How valuable our ability to think and grow is. We forget to slow down and truly give the things we believe in a moment to speak. We don’t search our beliefs or our motivations nearly enough.

Why do I feel this way? Why do I think this about…? Why did I make this or that decision? Why did such and such make me angry or so very sad or happy?

Don’t forget to take the time to talk to yourself. Discover the “why” behind those things you think and do automatically.

I felt the sadness rise

Like bile into my throat

Without reason it came

Or so it seemed

I felt the anger surge

Like lava in my veins

Without a match it flamed

Or so it seemed

I felt the fear escalate

Like poison in my brain

Without a trigger pulled

Or so it seemed

I felt disgust billow

Like a tidal wave in my belly

Without an explanation

Or so it seemed

I felt an overwhelming joy

Like the sun upon my face

Without such light of day

Or so it seemed

I felt all these things

Like the breath I draw

Without a simple thought

But nothing…

Is as it seems


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