It’s easy to get caught up in our own emotions. Tangled inside our own traps. It’s easy even when we can barely look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s easy even as we are avoiding any kind of self discovery.


Many moments I feel lost, abandoned by time
Swimming in a world without signs, directionless
No vocabulary spoken or written can describe
These erratic emotions spinning from my mind
Relentless and disturbing their lyrical foray
Marching onward, inward, outward
Stirring up this mind and body full of crazy
Ready to feed on all the perpetual misery
Like swarming insects, like a flock of seagulls
Scanning the horizon for the flaming sun
Scorching all that remains of the hideous rot
Drying up the decay before it can be sought
Emotions menacing, staggering, drunk on deceit
Mastered by self-pity waiting, set to destroy
Those fairy tale stories of happiness and joy
Feelings neglected, strangled by a cable laid rope
Hung from rafters and dancing like smoke
Evaporating fully before anyone is the wiser
Because we have made fear our only deviser
The truth, I am afraid, is what makes life sad
We will disappear in a flash… forgotten….
Just like every single world born into mad


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