The years melt away. Only a few of the moments stick like stubborn icicles that refuse to drip. I don’t want to lose the memories I have. The good or the bad.

I sit here decorating the Christmas tree again. So many memories hanging as reminders of some of those icicles that somehow found a way to stick around.

My daughter’s tiny hands memorialized on glass ornaments with her little fingers painted into snowmen. Little books she made her dad and me . A funny martial arts frog, a Minnie Mouse from Disney, a Tinkerbell and a Pinocchio. So many… icicles.

I’m not a fan of the Christmas season. All the shopping and obligations. Most of us have very small budgets and planning to spend a bit extra for Christmas has never really seemed very Christ-like to me. I believe in the love and laughter it’s supposed to bring. The gatherings of friends and the charity for those in need.

Christmas to me should be a reminder to look around and take inventory of the people around us. To access the needs of children and to help those who are doing their best to care for them. To check on our compassion and foster the magic it can create. To remember where we came from and despite that where we are going.

And for me personally, Christmas is when I remember to thank God for the icicles that refuse to melt.

Every day in a life fills the whole life with expectations and memory. ~C.S. Lewis


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