There was blood Lots of it actually It wasn’t dripping It was streaming Pooling steadily Below the bed Once white sheets Now sticky sweet Clouds of red Absorbing cotton As if a storm Was brewing This was it My final kill I’d killed many Since I was nine Youngest enlisted Vampire killer Not so great … More KILLER GENTLY


His face kept shifting in front of me. We had been talking.  Just polite conversation as we waited in line at the grocery store.  Bad weather was on its way and everyone was stockpiling water, bread and… cat liter.  Ice storm maybe. The lights in the store flickered.  But I swear the man’s face flickered … More RAINING BLOOD


I suppose it’s true I am not good enough for you I need love And I am not getting it from you I will set you free Because you’ve bound yourself To the Hell you see in me I cut all the bandages off That have hidden all our wounds And once the blood stops … More MENDING WINGS