It’s easy to get caught up in our own emotions. Tangled inside our own traps. It’s easy even when we can barely look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s easy even as we are avoiding any kind of self discovery. Many moments I feel lost, abandoned by time Swimming in a world without signs, directionless … More LYRICAL FORAY


Sometimes it’s hard see a situation clearly when you are in the middle of living it. I’ve lived enough years to know heartache isn’t something we can escape. We all go through it and sometimes it threatens to rip our world apart. Sometimes it sends us spiraling emotionally out of control. We will grasp for … More IF I HAD KNOWN


*Sometimes the things we fear most are hidden inside the sorrows we’ve forgotten. My body is cold As I slumber here My heart has slowed Exhausted by fear My breath borrowed My heartache clear Give me this place Called absence To plant my respects To sort the sadness That has defined me Give me some … More FORGOTTEN SORROW


The nagging feeling persists Like decay eating away at life Small veins of smelly rot snake Through all my thoughts today Whispering into a pained heart The cliffs are beautiful This time of year my dear The ocean perfectly cold And numbing and strong The spirits are many Flavorful and sweet Listen to our voices … More DESPAIR


It wasn’t her scars Or the memory of their pain How they wound tight Around her heart Or suffocated her brain It wasn’t the holes They dug deep into her skin Or the burns they scorched Into the corners of her grin It was their cold stares It was their cold hearts It was their … More THE COLD WE LIVE IN


  Bleakness got stuck here Held under and drowning Beneath a crimson avalanche Of burnt and mutilated words Desperate for coherent sense To strike like lightening Upon the overgrown heads Of the mountain crawlers To cry like rolling thunder Across a grossly pregnant sky Holding its belly just for spite Stuck and buried we are … More BLEAK DESOLATION


Inside the dark Was a storm With a hurricane Made of smoke Piercing hearts With broken words Trampling love With its breath Rancid with fear Dropping bodies From skylines Bruised purple And colored With jealousy Smelling Like lavender Scented soap It pours down Its tragic melody Searching endlessly For our creator Raining down into All … More OF ASHES


I should have known The moment I woke They had meaning The platoon of birds Sitting far too still On the fence outside As if at attention Waiting for orders They were white Not doves but crows As if covered in paint Or baby powder Or soft fuzzy snow Like a line of cocaine They … More THE WHITE CROWS


There was blood Lots of it actually It wasn’t dripping It was streaming Pooling steadily Below the bed Once white sheets Now sticky sweet Clouds of red Absorbing cotton As if a storm Was brewing This was it My final kill I’d killed many Since I was nine Youngest enlisted Vampire killer Not so great … More KILLER GENTLY


  It would mean death Slow and unrelenting Deep and deep and deep Dark descending thoughts With teeth sharpened Sinking in time With every drawn breath Until there is no more Rising and falling It would mean death To pretend the monster Isn’t lurking under the bed Or behind your door Or inside their eyes … More IN DENIAL


She stood on the shore Skipping rocks Watching rings scatter Clouds ripple Dance then settle She stood on the shore Mentally diving Through hoops Connection fading Thoughts drowning She stood on the shore Stripped naked But for the weight Of the rocks she wore Around her neck She stood on the shore And fastened more … More FINAL BAPTISM


It isn’t often I wake up feeling traumatized. It was early morning and the sun was just spreading its light among evaporating clouds.  I was driving down a road, and nobody was around.  Hot coffee sat to my right, too hot to drink, steam swirling and it smelled like clarity. I felt content. Strong. Happy. … More SCREAMING STATIC


  Fog drifts soft over calm water Shallow waters kept hidden from The sun, the trees, prying eyes The small sharp rocks dig deep Into the tender flesh on my back As I lie still Silent Breathing And staring Staring at the underbelly Of a smoky white blanket Swirling this way and that Above my head Around … More PICKED AND CLEANED


Their tiny ears fold under small broken sycamores Buried under the uneasy sounds that silence makes Locked and beholden to the sway of meandering roads Their stilts carry old carcasses further and further still Until finally blanketed under footsteps of driven snow Their toes curl inward as frozen veins begin to stiffen And the only lives left … More THE WINNOWING


My brain is fuzzy My breathing shallow Tears dried up And I can’t swallow The world stopped And left me standing On my own yet again On this hollow landing Sharp shooters aimed Zero velocity overkill I won’t put up a fight Entire body rigid still Shots fired clean in Shots fired clean out Heart … More LIFE ADJOURNED


He was in agony all night. I only remember bits and pieces.  Flashes of that night.  I knew the surgery was successful even though I was paralyzed.  The nurse talking to me sounded like a skipping record.  I’m sure it was my brain losing part of her words. “As the swelling…  brain goes down… regain … More AGONY


She wears the sun As the living night She is the dark Cloaked in light Hiding Inside our sins Devouring Us sinners She is the knocking The rhythmic beating Inside your chest She is the adrenaline Fueling your fear The anger feeding Your hate She is the rot Disguised by flesh Turning us all Against … More SHE IS LEGION


I was walking through some woods. It was dark and just hot enough that the breeze made my skin tighten with its touch.  I was nude and I had long black wavy hair.  The sound of crickets were loud and I could hear frogs in the distance. I stepped on something hard with my bare … More THE PERVERTED MOON


His face kept shifting in front of me. We had been talking.  Just polite conversation as we waited in line at the grocery store.  Bad weather was on its way and everyone was stockpiling water, bread and… cat liter.  Ice storm maybe. The lights in the store flickered.  But I swear the man’s face flickered … More RAINING BLOOD


A powerful storm is sitting on the horizon Hovering and watching you, your choices Skeletons get restless and dance anxiously Waiting for you to open Pandora ’s Box Invisible ghosts haunt silently, lingering Her voice calls for you, reaching, searching Your hearts long ago stitched together You can feel her darkness absorb your light And … More VENGEANCE


I closed my eyes And sleep came Showed me life A different way I lost you there And I felt fear With you gone The world left I stood so still For the longest Ticking tock Click click click Until time came And swept me Into its flowing Transparency I breathe now A lifeless breath … More JUST A DREAM


She asked me to meet her at church after work. Her voice was alive and urgent over the phone. She spoke deliberately as if each syllable held a vital importance. As she spoke I knew she had already died but what she needed to tell me was important. She needed my help planning something so … More THE LIBRARIAN


THE FOLLOWING WAS JUST A DREAM   I was falling… I had just finished serving dinner onto 3 small plates when he fell into me.  His face was blue and he had froth coming out of his mouth.  I had never seen his eyes so wide with fear.  They seemed to scream, “What did I … More FALLING


The road was empty because it was too early for the world to be awake.  The stars were playing hide and seek behind runaway clouds and the branches clicked every time the wind threw a tantrum. I felt like a possum seeking warmth from the asphalt. I lined my body up with the double yellow … More DOUBLE YELLOW LINES


His smile changes like a broken film spliced back together too fast.  He always moves like he is skipping frames.  He likes to reach for me when I’m not looking and draw back quickly every time I glance his way. I think he only does it because he knows it creeps me out. The first … More SPLIT BEING