I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


We live in a world Where fire rages And water drowns And if we must be fire Let us use it to warm And to give light to dark And if we must be water Let us heal the thirsty And rain on the parched We get to choose How we get on with life


It takes love Fiercely passionate Patient and kind In a world Breeding hate And mistrust Making love A casualty Of childhood We must fight To mine diamonds From our hearts Every single day We can’t give up In our pursuit To discover To uncover The gems hidden Under the pain And anger And we must … More MINE DIAMONDS


I fall apart too often Thinking about things Better left buried Angry about things Done to the many Defenseless kids In the name of self Satisfaction? Gratification? Clinging to hope As if they’ll be their Salvation? Abused, neglected Fending and fighting Having to figure out What the hell is what I’m pissed as hell We … More KEEP OUT


I’ve watched her grow taller Her voice changing Her sense of humor developing Her individuality blooming I’ve watched her struggle Her temper calming Her anxiety evolving Her wisdom growing I’ve watched her excel Her confidence expanding Her fears changing Her ideas inspiring I’ve watched her every day Through every season Through every trial Through every accomplishment … More THE MAGIC OF YOUTH


It isn’t often I wake up feeling traumatized. It was early morning and the sun was just spreading its light among evaporating clouds.  I was driving down a road, and nobody was around.  Hot coffee sat to my right, too hot to drink, steam swirling and it smelled like clarity. I felt content. Strong. Happy. … More SCREAMING STATIC


I should have known The road would wind All roads do eventually I was a passenger Enjoying the scenery When the sky changed It tried to warn me TURN BACK NOW But I didn’t listen I just sat and watched The rolling hills pass The trees gather Then disperse The farmhouses The communities The small … More TAKING THE WHEEL


  I’ll stand and take my punishment As the fire consumes another bridge Licking at all the impiousness Each dark thought brings to me Your silence builds an army Beset with a tortured violence It torments and restrains me As I stand waiting for the storm To find its rage filled night Ashes fill the … More BURNT BRIDGE


I look at her and wonder Will she be ok? Will she be broken Or stronger than me? She is the paper I fold Into a dragon Into a golden eagle She is ready to fly My wonderful masterpiece Ready to take on the world Far better Than I ever could


  The paper was old It felt fragile And thinly layered In grey brown dust Covered in faded ink In romantic cursive Scrawled elegantly To someone long gone He was an airman She was a nurse He was gunned down She saved his life He, the only survivor She, his beautiful savior They wrote letters … More OLD LETTERS


I will sit silently Holding my tongue I won’t tell secrets And I won’t tell lies I’ll just nod and say “I’m okay, I’m fine” Because strip it all away And that’s me All that’s left is Okay and fine All else is connected And trapped in webs Tangled stories Locked up inside You suffocate me … More YOUR SECRETS


I spent my life trying… My life was mine to spend. You know, the life you are raised to live? The life your parents work hard to help you have? If you are lucky you have those parents. The kind of parents who support you until you can support yourself. Many aren’t so lucky. Many end … More DETOURS


The playground hadn’t been taken care of. The broken ground was dry and looked like hundreds of Pangea’s floating in dry mud.  The grass looked more like straw as it poked 12″ high between worn slabs of concrete.  The swings were all missing except for one.  It was left with its black leather seat hanging from … More HELP US


My heart beats strong Steady in time with yours I can lie silently and listen To the rhythmic thumping Of questions being asked And answers in response Two hearts communicating Without words full of letters Just an absolute knowing The most pure simplicity


It is not very often a nightmare will keep me up for days.     I dropped my eleven year old daughter off at the airport.  She held a stuffed bunny in one hand and a suitcase in the other.  She packed light so she wouldn’t have to check luggage. I knew she was afraid … More SILENT VISIONS


I am a silhouette Drawn on the floor Underneath feet That trample me Careless words Outline my shadow As you dance Waltzing around On seasoned toes Her heels digging in With you in the lead Laughter heard Above the music Pinning me down Keeping me low Trapped far below All the looks All the touches … More TRAMPLED


I heard the phone slam down Voices were raised screaming Not the first time, not the last Shadows flickered on my wall There was a storm coming I lit a match like I often did Candles in jars around my room Shhhh… don’t you cry now baby I’d whisper to myself, calmly Try to stay quiet, no … More FIRESTORM


Some dreams have no anchor in reality.  The only familiar part of this dream was the blue china pattern on my nightgown. I was standing at a window looking out across a field.  It was the kind of field that had trees bordering a quarter mile of land with a dozen horses grazing.  As I … More ONE MORE STAR


It was hot and sunny! My daughter was a teetering toddler.  She kept trying to get around my legs to get in the “wa wa mommy!”  She had a one track mind, focused on getting into the neighborhood swimming pool with her daddy. I handed her to daddy who was waiting for her in the … More ANACONDA DREAMS