I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


I was a piece of thread Twisted into a thousand knots Tied around the moon Tied around the hurt Tied around the ‘never-minds’ Woven inside the tapestry That laid upon your bed Laced between fingers Praying about things unsaid These thousand twisted knots Have made me stronger And I’ll make you stronger too A.R. at … More A THOUSAND KNOTS


Surround yourself with colorful people. You never know when you’ll need to borrow a shade or two. A.R. at Bill at Cyn at David at Dean at Echo at Erica at Jessie at Jesska at Julie at Matt at Namy at Nessa at … More SHADE OF BRUISE


This morning I woke up with one thought in my mind. What if I am the problem? What if all this time I thought I had no power to change anything and didn’t try just to find out I had enough power to make a difference? WHAT IF… I looked at the world with the … More WHAT IF…


Anarchy Steps heavy with Steel toed boots Torches replace Keystrokes Wooden stakes Carved into words Skewering insides Turning logic Into a constant Trickling streams Of overdosed panic Invisible blood Flows thick Drawing poison From weak souls Until the puss Runs sticky And thoughts sit Restless In puddles Of old and dried Scabby wounds Until remorse … More BREATHING ASHES


Strong messages Tripped on curves Leaning into her Giving into her Finding their way Inside of her She could feel Their movement Snaking softly Around her hips Slithering inside All her bends Looking for ways To purchase A home within her For the rest Of his eternity


He was a tough man With hard expressions Etched into his eyes A man who grew up On streets named After bullies And drug dealers A place where Everyday traumas Played hide and seek Searching for victims To harass and carry Staining words of hate Inside memories And engraving them With hopelessness A place where … More UNLIKELY POET


  Last night this song came on and though I love this song I have never listened to the words. I was sitting next to my daughter and listening to her belt it out. It was beautiful. Her voice, her strength, her… happiness. I felt, at that moment, she would be okay. She would be … More HELP ME RISE UP


He thought the rain was purple I liked purple but I saw more To me it was a million colors Depending on mood, or eyes Or even how the light dances As the drops begin to fall Lazy blues, soft yellow hues Crazy reds bleeding from the sky Pinks falling like rose petals Greys dropping … More THE COLOR OF RAIN


And still To this day I awake Prepared For battle Even after All the trying The kicking The screaming The struggling The fighting For years Upon years I will wake Sword in hand Ready to fight Some days I think I win A glorious victory Bathing me In rainbow colors Washing from me The inky … More INSIDIOUS SHADOWS


Her reflection held no meaning.  She knew the hours were passing by because the sun was starting to melt into the horizon.  She was told several times not to be caught here after dark.  She didn’t care though.  Not tonight anyway.  Tonight she didn’t want to care about anything. His voice was a constant echo in … More PAST ECHOES


I’ve watched her grow taller Her voice changing Her sense of humor developing Her individuality blooming I’ve watched her struggle Her temper calming Her anxiety evolving Her wisdom growing I’ve watched her excel Her confidence expanding Her fears changing Her ideas inspiring I’ve watched her every day Through every season Through every trial Through every accomplishment … More THE MAGIC OF YOUTH


I’ve been packing My lives away Sorting memories Saying goodbye Practicing hello Dwelling On empty spots Less and less Dreaming Of filling holes More and more Looking For the laughter And the simplicity Of the day to day Searching For meaning Inside myself


My mind has a way of turning my thoughts into full length feature films.  That can be amazing because I have some really great, beautiful, happy, very enjoyable thoughts sometimes.  But… Sometimes I get to watch my biggest fears play out in vivid detail.  I am always surprised because, just like in real life, I can’t see it coming.  Friends are … More SEARCHING NIGHTMARES


I hate the silence. The way it screams with its hands. How it reaches out to choke me. Vile words strung together and placed around my throat just long enough to make me feel its presence. I hold my breath trying to outlast it. Trick it into letting go. But silence is smart. It’s strong. … More HUNTING SILENCE


He confidently took her hand A stranger with no name And whispered “Come with me” a bit hesitantly She complied Because his smile harpooned her And his whisper Created a sense of sheer urgency His heartbeat Pounded in her palm, full sentences Between strong Fingers laced as if glued in place Her eyes focused On … More BLIND FAITH


Last night’s dream: I was alone walking under the most perfect sky.  There was no breeze and although their were cotton puff clouds it was sunny enough I could feel the warmth on my shoulders.  I was thinner and wearing a white sundress.  I don’t own any white sundresses but I’ve always loved how beautiful … More INTO THE LIGHT


  I had a dream last night.  I was sitting on the far edge of my bed with my back to the door weeping.  I was not me in the dream.  I was my daughter as I was walking in to see me sitting there. “mom?” The me sitting there mumbled something incoherent. “mom, why … More EVERYONE IS CRAZY