I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


If I could see you face to face I’d reach out and pull you in. I’d hold you for just the right amount of time to absorb your tears, the ache in your heart, your worries, and your pain. It wouldn’t matter who was at fault. I wouldn’t tell you what you did wrong or … More FEEDING HEARTS


The years melt away. Only a few of the moments stick like stubborn icicles that refuse to drip. I don’t want to lose the memories I have. The good or the bad. I sit here decorating the Christmas tree again. So many memories hanging as reminders of some of those icicles that somehow found a … More ALWAYS WINTER


This morning on the way to work I was listening to FUN’s song CARRY ON. I really don’t know the words but this is how the song made me feel. I looked over to see The beauty of night Holding your heart Preparing it to fly I wondered and mused Just for a minute or … More BEFORE YOU GO


He thought the rain was purple I liked purple but I saw more To me it was a million colors Depending on mood, or eyes Or even how the light dances As the drops begin to fall Lazy blues, soft yellow hues Crazy reds bleeding from the sky Pinks falling like rose petals Greys dropping … More THE COLOR OF RAIN


It was in the sincerity With which you spoke I first found myself In love with you The way you laughed At the ridiculous things The way you found inspiration Inside the mundane everyday Or the way you exposed The literal nature Of absolutely everything It was in the passionate way You spoke of your … More I PLAN TO LOVE YOU


No worry of moments departed Because we left them at the door The desperate and broken-hearted Will come to knock no more All the candles have been lighted And, like shadow puppets on the wall Our figures will fight the firelight Until morning comes to call Just a pause as we smile weakly Fighting the emotions that we bore I kiss your lips … More SHADOW PUPPETS


I look at her and wonder Will she be ok? Will she be broken Or stronger than me? She is the paper I fold Into a dragon Into a golden eagle She is ready to fly My wonderful masterpiece Ready to take on the world Far better Than I ever could


For now… I close my eyes And imagine I don’t feel the sting Of your absence The thousand miles Of dotted lines On asphalt roads The distance searching And measuring the space From here to there From me to you   For now… I close my eyes And imagine It’s you I feel Wandering the curves … More IF WE COULD BE WE


I try not to accept lies as truth Nor do I ever just pretend to care I intentionally fail to make promises Because promises such that they are Are tied to intentions that fade to dust Furthermore, They never seem to look right Once executed; carried through They end up wilting and dying Under expectations … More LOVE ME


The breeze wraps its wings around me As we stumble further into the night For a moment I walk with eyes closed Your strong hand holding mine tight I can hear your breath calm and steady And I let you guide me without sight As we meander next to a nearby stream The sounds of … More NOTHING SO RIGHT


My heart beats strong Steady in time with yours I can lie silently and listen To the rhythmic thumping Of questions being asked And answers in response Two hearts communicating Without words full of letters Just an absolute knowing The most pure simplicity


There are many people in my life that mean a lot.  There is one that lifts me up a million times a day and would lift me up a million more if there were enough seconds in the day.  Thank you Lizzi for being you! Friend love is the greatest love there is.  I know my sentiments … More NO PERFECT WORDS


Moments Some hidden, can’t be touched Far removed from place and time Memories that were never mine Crossing in paired pirouette’s  Leaping across universal tongues And writing its soul upon my mind