I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


There was blood Lots of it actually It wasn’t dripping It was streaming Pooling steadily Below the bed Once white sheets Now sticky sweet Clouds of red Absorbing cotton As if a storm Was brewing This was it My final kill I’d killed many Since I was nine Youngest enlisted Vampire killer Not so great … More KILLER GENTLY


We live in a world Where fire rages And water drowns And if we must be fire Let us use it to warm And to give light to dark And if we must be water Let us heal the thirsty And rain on the parched We get to choose How we get on with life


  What happens? When the doors Won’t unlock And the windows Are rusted shut What happens? When the floor Is made of rock And the walls Are solid shale What happens? When the ceiling Is far too high And there are No rungs to climb What happens? When your lungs Can’t find air And your … More WHAT HAPPENS?


I try not to accept lies as truth Nor do I ever just pretend to care I intentionally fail to make promises Because promises such that they are Are tied to intentions that fade to dust Furthermore, They never seem to look right Once executed; carried through They end up wilting and dying Under expectations … More LOVE ME


The sky moved Impossibly fast Bright neon Technicolor clouds Surfing Over bumpy Turbulent air Colored By pink and blue And golden rays Of intermittent Sunshine like static And yet All I could see Was its reflection Because your eyes Were deeper And more beautiful Stealing my attention From the wonder Around us     *BASED … More YOUR EYES ARE DEEPER


Scattered Pieces Broken Upon the floor Shards To be salvaged Fitted Glued Back together Sharp Pointy Edges slicing Fragile Delicate Gentle hands Trying Striving To piece me Wholly Calmly Together again Whispering Mouthing Don’t worry As you Creatively Construct me Into a beautiful Mosaic masterpiece


I felt peace. He was holding my hand as we stood in silence on the edge of a cliff. “This is just one edge” His voice barely broke the quiet breeze as we looked at the world below. After a moment he turned to me taking my other hand. “This is just one edge we … More AND WE FLEW


It is not very often a nightmare will keep me up for days.     I dropped my eleven year old daughter off at the airport.  She held a stuffed bunny in one hand and a suitcase in the other.  She packed light so she wouldn’t have to check luggage. I knew she was afraid … More SILENT VISIONS


I am not a game for you to play An object to be objectified Or obsessed over, or possessed I see the love you give freely And then withhold playfully Dangerous red flashing lights And bright yellow caution signs Line our path on either side Here… Step over, duck, crawl Because I’ve laid a few traps … More NEXT TIME


I warily shut my eyes As reality shatters Into a thousand slivers Like a broken mirror Fragments slice into my face Gouging blindness into my eyes I feel the purity in my blood Flowing rivulets gracefully Into trails of beautiful silk Crimson ribbons slowly Congealing on my flesh Maniacal laughter rages From beyond recognition Loudly … More MUDDY DREAMS


I sat with my eyes closed Having finished counting stars I concentrated on the night breeze And the way it moved my hair The summer rain was on its way Smelling ever so sweet Swirling in the dampened air The crickets chirp The frogs moan Nature hugging me Holding me in its serenade I listen … More SUMMER DREAMS


He confidently took her hand A stranger with no name And whispered “Come with me” a bit hesitantly She complied Because his smile harpooned her And his whisper Created a sense of sheer urgency His heartbeat Pounded in her palm, full sentences Between strong Fingers laced as if glued in place Her eyes focused On … More BLIND FAITH


Some dreams feel like poetry. I’m held in your arms Your face in my hands Your lips grazing mine Still… But for our heartbeats Beating perfectly in time