Songs rest upon my skin Notes so soft and small Are you listening? Can you feel the melodies The hopeless harmonies? Can you feel words marked In Braille upon my chest? Can you read the music As it’s treble fingers dance Toward the hunger Swelling in my belly? Come my love and let me Share … More OUR SYMPHONY


I tried to Slip quietly Out the back But the door Squeaked Then slammed Shut For a few moments I stared Hard at the stars I sucked in air And watched As ice crystals Carried My exhale away The slamming door Woke her up Mommy? Are you okay? Yea baby I was just thinking About … More MADE FOR TWO


If I could see you face to face I’d reach out and pull you in. I’d hold you for just the right amount of time to absorb your tears, the ache in your heart, your worries, and your pain. It wouldn’t matter who was at fault. I wouldn’t tell you what you did wrong or … More FEEDING HEARTS


I was a piece of thread Twisted into a thousand knots Tied around the moon Tied around the hurt Tied around the ‘never-minds’ Woven inside the tapestry That laid upon your bed Laced between fingers Praying about things unsaid These thousand twisted knots Have made me stronger And I’ll make you stronger too A.R. at … More A THOUSAND KNOTS


Just move along miss! I’ve always hated hearing that piece of advise. As if the past can be painted over. The past is connected to your future like it or not. Even those things you don’t remember… they are there waiting for tomorrow just like you. It’s a small hole That dark spot You try … More BECAUSE STAINS


Surround yourself with colorful people. You never know when you’ll need to borrow a shade or two. A.R. at StarvingActivist.com Bill at BillFriday.com Cyn at Cynk.wordpress.com David at TooFullToWrite.com Dean at DeanKealy.design Echo at trueecho22.wordpress.com Erica at TheBrokenSpine.net Jessie at BehindTheWillows.com Jesska at NotThrowingStones.today Julie at JulieBurton.blog Matt at TheMatticusKingdom.com Namy at NamySaysSo.com Nessa at … More SHADE OF BRUISE


Sometimes we see people, not how they are, but how we want them to be.  When that happens relationships deteriorate.  That person will never live up to your expectations.  The only person you should be asking to live up to your expectations is yourself.   Longing for a truth that never existed For words that … More UNSPOKEN


Sometimes it’s hard see a situation clearly when you are in the middle of living it. I’ve lived enough years to know heartache isn’t something we can escape. We all go through it and sometimes it threatens to rip our world apart. Sometimes it sends us spiraling emotionally out of control. We will grasp for … More IF I HAD KNOWN


This dream was so unclear it was hard to piece together when I woke up.  There were so many faces and it went from theme to theme.  One of the clearest themes included Lady Gaga. I am sure I dreamt about Gaga because the movie “A Star Is Born” has been weighing heavily on my … More TAKE EVERYTHING


My soul yearns for permanent connections. I’m not sure there is a way around this yearning. I think it might be a part of all of us. Like a part of why we are here maybe. Good or bad people who impact us leave permanent marks on us. They are a part of us. We … More A THOUSAND NIGHTS


I’d fall at your feet But your hands Keep me standing Revolving spaces Dissolving mercy Into beautiful grace I’d fall at your feet But your eyes Skip through me Over invisible beats Reviving rhythms I thought were dead I’d fall at your feet But your lips Land soft then hard Melting my insides Erasing doubts … More FALLING


This morning I woke up with one thought in my mind. What if I am the problem? What if all this time I thought I had no power to change anything and didn’t try just to find out I had enough power to make a difference? WHAT IF… I looked at the world with the … More WHAT IF…


The heavy air Echoes my voice As I talk to myself And the words Drop like a stone Into silent water Sending circles To naked shores It’s so cold here Miles away from Where you are


Strong messages Tripped on curves Leaning into her Giving into her Finding their way Inside of her She could feel Their movement Snaking softly Around her hips Slithering inside All her bends Looking for ways To purchase A home within her For the rest Of his eternity


It takes love Fiercely passionate Patient and kind In a world Breeding hate And mistrust Making love A casualty Of childhood We must fight To mine diamonds From our hearts Every single day We can’t give up In our pursuit To discover To uncover The gems hidden Under the pain And anger And we must … More MINE DIAMONDS


  Last night this song came on and though I love this song I have never listened to the words. I was sitting next to my daughter and listening to her belt it out. It was beautiful. Her voice, her strength, her… happiness. I felt, at that moment, she would be okay. She would be … More HELP ME RISE UP


This morning on the way to work I was listening to FUN’s song CARRY ON. I really don’t know the words but this is how the song made me feel. I looked over to see The beauty of night Holding your heart Preparing it to fly I wondered and mused Just for a minute or … More BEFORE YOU GO


I fall apart too often Thinking about things Better left buried Angry about things Done to the many Defenseless kids In the name of self Satisfaction? Gratification? Clinging to hope As if they’ll be their Salvation? Abused, neglected Fending and fighting Having to figure out What the hell is what I’m pissed as hell We … More KEEP OUT


He stood in the hall staring at his bedroom door. James was used to living alone. He preferred it.  He cleaned up after himself better than most but he loathed having to pick up after someone else.  Every relationship seemed like an endless chore so he made up his mind a long time ago.  He … More FORGOTTEN TRUTH


I’ve danced with many monstrous demons before They are a strange lot, the whole bunch them Pieces of shit with their tail between their legs Cowards that slink about in the darkest of shadows Scratching surfaces just to cause an infectious itch Tainting our air with their fowl and poisonous breath Shitting all over sidewalks … More UPSIDE DOWN AND EMPTY


I’ve watched her grow taller Her voice changing Her sense of humor developing Her individuality blooming I’ve watched her struggle Her temper calming Her anxiety evolving Her wisdom growing I’ve watched her excel Her confidence expanding Her fears changing Her ideas inspiring I’ve watched her every day Through every season Through every trial Through every accomplishment … More THE MAGIC OF YOUTH


The light was shining through the curtain. Morning, once again, came far too early. I had beat the alarm clock going off today I never, ever beat those annoying notes But today I had and so I laid still listening To the birds breaking the a.m. silence I realized I was above the covers, dressed Having … More DON’T EVER LET GO


I’ve been packing My lives away Sorting memories Saying goodbye Practicing hello Dwelling On empty spots Less and less Dreaming Of filling holes More and more Looking For the laughter And the simplicity Of the day to day Searching For meaning Inside myself


  For decades The fabric of our lives Rubbed shoulders Seam to seam Surrounded by his stuff For more than half of my life He liked his slacks creased And his jeans on hangers He only used puffy hangers To avoid pointy shoulders No long sleeves No sweaters And tonight I walked into the closet Half … More POLYESTER MEMORIES