My soul yearns for permanent connections. I’m not sure there is a way around this yearning. I think it might be a part of all of us. Like a part of why we are here maybe. Good or bad people who impact us leave permanent marks on us. They are a part of us. We … More A THOUSAND NIGHTS


I’d fall at your feet But your hands Keep me standing Revolving spaces Dissolving mercy Into beautiful grace I’d fall at your feet But your eyes Skip through me Over invisible beats Reviving rhythms I thought were dead I’d fall at your feet But your lips Land soft then hard Melting my insides Erasing doubts … More FALLING


The heavy air Echoes my voice As I talk to myself And the words Drop like a stone Into silent water Sending circles To naked shores It’s so cold here Miles away from Where you are


There was blood Lots of it actually It wasn’t dripping It was streaming Pooling steadily Below the bed Once white sheets Now sticky sweet Clouds of red Absorbing cotton As if a storm Was brewing This was it My final kill I’d killed many Since I was nine Youngest enlisted Vampire killer Not so great … More KILLER GENTLY


It was in the sincerity With which you spoke I first found myself In love with you The way you laughed At the ridiculous things The way you found inspiration Inside the mundane everyday Or the way you exposed The literal nature Of absolutely everything It was in the passionate way You spoke of your … More I PLAN TO LOVE YOU


My closet is full Of old worn lives Tried for a time And then hung To remind me Like music does Of the magic One can find In transformation


She was stuck inside a feeling Of extreme want with no escape Her desires were a constant Warmth threatening to burn her Branding her insides intimately Composure was becoming hard The more they talked, his voice The more they learned, his life The more she wanted, just him She craved being a part of him … More TO END WITH A KISS


Her reflection held no meaning.  She knew the hours were passing by because the sun was starting to melt into the horizon.  She was told several times not to be caught here after dark.  She didn’t care though.  Not tonight anyway.  Tonight she didn’t want to care about anything. His voice was a constant echo in … More PAST ECHOES


I am cold down deep And in that place I hide My home void of life I sit confined all alone Content to waste away But then… Your arms reach for me And hold me so tightly I can feel your warmth And subconsciously I press into your heat The cold I’ve maintained Relinquishes its … More FEED ME


Time is relative. I was laying there next to the man of my dreams.  He was wearing a pair of jeans he knew I liked with a turquoise T-shirt.  I was wearing a white sundress. Our shoes were married to each other and sat in the grass just off the edge of our roughly woven  … More TIME IS RELATIVE


The light was shining through the curtain. Morning, once again, came far too early. I had beat the alarm clock going off today I never, ever beat those annoying notes But today I had and so I laid still listening To the birds breaking the a.m. silence I realized I was above the covers, dressed Having … More DON’T EVER LET GO


Stare your love into me, and lend me your hands as I ride these flames. Your warmth creates future fires, as I push away everything for you, and obsessively burn inside this desire.   I have a deep hot burning need Full-fledged inferno waiting to devour A volcanic eruption full of fire Obsessive compulsive feverish … More BLOWN GLASS


If nymphomaniacs were chefs, the stomach and the groin would finally start talking. They’d say: “Fat is sexy.” Enrolling all our sex addicts in culinary school may be the best way of dealing with obesity. Every meal of the day would be candlelit, every course would be dessert, and our food would make squelching noises … More INSATIABLE


For now… I close my eyes And imagine I don’t feel the sting Of your absence The thousand miles Of dotted lines On asphalt roads The distance searching And measuring the space From here to there From me to you   For now… I close my eyes And imagine It’s you I feel Wandering the curves … More IF WE COULD BE WE


  The paper was old It felt fragile And thinly layered In grey brown dust Covered in faded ink In romantic cursive Scrawled elegantly To someone long gone He was an airman She was a nurse He was gunned down She saved his life He, the only survivor She, his beautiful savior They wrote letters … More OLD LETTERS


My heart beats So hard Racing Speaking volumes Before I notice My thoughts Are on you Your eyes How they sink Deep into me Reading me Searching me Your lips How they move Over mine Connecting us Forming us Your hands How they trace My outline From neck To tippy toes Your body How it … More NEVER ENDING STORY


I stood flipping through records.  I didn’t care about the music but I loved the album covers.  The choices made for the sake of their art always fascinates me. I stood looking at the cover of a girl wearing bubble gum pink fishnets.  She wore a tutu with combat boots and no top.  She wasn’t … More YOU DON’T KNOW ME


I sat with my eyes closed Having finished counting stars I concentrated on the night breeze And the way it moved my hair The summer rain was on its way Smelling ever so sweet Swirling in the dampened air The crickets chirp The frogs moan Nature hugging me Holding me in its serenade I listen … More SUMMER DREAMS


I sat in the sandbox wearing a white sundress and sandals. I had little feet and little hands. My pig tails dangled toward the sand as I leaned over to build a sand dome. I got up to take my sandals off because I hated how the sand felt where the bottom of my feet … More DOME SMASHER


He confidently took her hand A stranger with no name And whispered “Come with me” a bit hesitantly She complied Because his smile harpooned her And his whisper Created a sense of sheer urgency His heartbeat Pounded in her palm, full sentences Between strong Fingers laced as if glued in place Her eyes focused On … More BLIND FAITH


Yesterday I was nominated to write a poem by Punk Rock Papa with these rules. The rules are as follows: •Write about love using only 10 lines. •Use the word love in every line. •Each line can only be four words long. •Nominate others who are up for the challenge. •Let them know about the … More SECRET LOVE


Some dreams feel like poetry. I’m held in your arms Your face in my hands Your lips grazing mine Still… But for our heartbeats Beating perfectly in time